Sisters at Seven Sisters: Wellesley Hack 2017

Twice this past summer, I had Seven Sisters moments. First, at an unconference in San Francisco, I met two Wellesley students and a Smithie. We immediately bonded and talked about women’s colleges, our respective CS departments, internships, current events, and everything. Then, at a conference in the Poconos (semi-close to Bryn Mawr), I saw those same students again, as well as some Mount Holyoke students. You could say the sisterhood was extended.

I went to Wellesley Hack to demo Twilio during Opening Ceremony

This past Friday, it continued. Wellesley hosted Wellesley Hack, a hackathon geared towards women that would be welcoming to beginners. They sent buses to all the Seven Sisters colleges, so a group from Bryn Mawr went (as well as local colleges in Massachusetts like Amherst and UMass.) I attended as a sponsor for Twilio, where I interned this past summer and am continuing to work during the school year.

BMC students at Wellesley Hack (not everyone in picture)

There were a few Wellesley alumnae present to talk on their current jobs, some of whom had not studied a STEM major. There was also boba and games like bubble soccer (as shown below.

Bubble soccer at Wellesley Hack provides a much-needed break.

Some Bryn Mawr students attended workshops, some hacked, and some explored Boston. Below, Ricki Su ’20, Connie Chen ’19, and Mikal Hayden-Gates ’19 demo their Python and Flask app that they worked on over the weekend during the final expo. The expo is when each team presents their project to judges and other hackers who walk around.

Ricki Su’20, Connie Chen’19, Mikal Hayden-Gates’19 demo their hack/app at WHACK

Ricki Su, Mikal Hayden-Gates, and Connie Chen winning a prize.

Ricki,  Mikal, and Connie winning a prize.

Much fun and learning was had by all. Friends, maybe even sisters, were made, and we will keep in touch with sponsors, mentors, teammates, and Seven Sisters we met.

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  1. Congratulations Little Sisters!

    I had the pleasure of working with Mikal Hayden-Gates as her Algebra 1 Teacher during her eighth grade year. I am so pleased to see her and her peers both exploring solutions to problems and enjoying the application of knowledge. Go women!

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