Mon Dieu! A Weekend in Montreal

I journeyed on a one-hour flight to Montreal this past weekend on work, and got some time to explore the city. For someone who watched friends go off to different continents and countries for Study Abroad last year, it was so neat to finally travel to a different country, for the first time in almost eight years!

I could have prepared more for the weekend trip, and was surprised when I saw currency conversion machines in the airport, and lots of signs in French. I took French in middle school and high school, but still had trouble understanding people who spoke so quickly! The event I was in Montreal for was at Concordia University, which is one of two English-speaking universities in Montreal. It’s only a few blocks away from the other English-speaking school, McGill, which was where my hotel was.

I loved seeing the vibrant culture of the city. There were so many murals and so much artwork on the streets, and people were so friendly. I shook so many hands, but they weren’t meant to be a networking thing–people were genuinely friendly! It was so fun to walk around in the freezing weather soaking up the atmosphere, practicing my French, and soaking up a different culture that is not actually far from here.

I’d recommend venturing to Canada once in your four years at Bryn Mawr, particularly to Montreal as it’s not that far!

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