Off-Campus Coffee: Hot House versus Green Engine

I worked in a library for two years in high school, and volunteered there before that, so, of course, I have an affinity for libraries. Throughout college, I would study and do work in my room, in a Common Room, in Canaday Library, Dalton or College Halls, or in a CS lab in Park because they were more convenient to get to. However, I’ve begun appreciating working in coffee shops because they’re warm, welcoming, cozy (I also like coffee and tea!)

Located a short walk minutes from campus, Hot House is a perennial college favorite. It sort-of shares a door with the walkway leading up to the Bryn Mawr Film Institute, so there’s always people walking in and out. Caroline Horvatits ’20, a tennis teammate, works there, so it’s fun visiting her and seeing her make drinks. There’s always Bryn Mawr students there studying, too.

Hot House houses a few booths, bar seating, a sofa, and some table and chairs, and is very intimate.


A short Blue Bus ride or 25-minute walk away is Green Engine, a cute coffee shop near Haverford. They offer more food options, more seating (but there’s usually more people), and more sunlight. I always see Mainline Moms in there.

Stephanie Cao ’18 and Ann Tran ’18 in front of the plant wall at Green Engine.

Both places make mean lattes (among other drinks and food), but I think Green Engine is more Instagrammable with a more nature-y aesthetic, whereas Hot House is warmer and cozier. I prefer different ones on different days. Where do you like to study or get coffee?

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