Senior Dinner with President KCass

Two things happened this week that made me wake up and realize, “Hey. I have a little over a month left of college. I need to make the most of it.”

  1. I submitted the second draft of my thesisĀ Developing Applications to Compare Methods of Teaching Emotions. (more on that in this blog post.)
  2. I attended my Senior Dinner.

The Senior Dinner is an unofficial tradition unique to Bryn Mawr. Seniors are given the option to attend one of three dinners with our president, Kim Cassidy (lovingly known as KCass), taking place at the President’s House, Pen-y-Groes.

Pretty plates in the President’s House!

Outside the President’s House with Devica Bhutani, Zhoe Rub, Mariam Haider, Mian Horvath, and Abby Brewster.







Way back in September 2014, we had an ice cream social for first years at the President’s House. It was neat to come full-circle and be back almost four years later. As I’ve seen in Professor Shiamin Kwa’sĀ Films of Wong Kar Wai class this semester (more on that amazing course here), this is an interesting film technique: characters are in the same place, but in different stages or places of their lives. Yeah, I got emotional and pensive.

It was neat to talk with our own President, something that probably does not happen at most colleges. I may have fangirled a bit when she sat down next to me and right off-the-bat asked about our tennis match versus her alma mater Swarthmore the day before. We learned about her childhood (her parents were both teachers) and how she completed all the pre-med requirements at Swat before realizing she, too, wanted to teach. KCass also played tennis her first semester of college (#twinsies)!

A lifelong Philadelphia sports fan, my friend Devica bonded with KCass over the 76ers’ recent wins and Villanova’s recent championship. It’s neat to be able to get to know our President so personally, and I’m grateful for her time.

Though I’m hard at work finishing up my thesis and with tennis season, you bet I’ll be making the most of the next few weeks of senior year.



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