Senior Year Highlights

For the past nine months I’ve known where I would be living and working post-graduation, and that’s allowed me to stress less and enjoy life and Bryn Mawr more. This has especially been true this past week, as I’ve been participating in Senior Week with the class of 2018. I went on the famous Boat Cruise, sailing around with classmates as well as professors and staff on the Spirit of Philadelphia. I also went on the New York trip and to La Peg for senior cocktails, eating and drinking to our hearts’ content.

Me, Rachel Xu, Stephanie Cao, and Ziting Shen (all ’18) on the cruise

As senior year winds down, I’m reflecting on how the days have been long, but the years short. This year has been more relaxing than most (probably because I haven’t had to worry about post-graduation or summer plans since August) and continued working for the same company over the school year. Here are some of my favorite parts from my senior year.

  • Competing with the table tennis team in NCTTA regionals and making it to Nationals in Texas. Biggest regret of college? Not joining the table tennis team sooner! We all got really close really fast, and it was a blast traveling with them. I got better alongside  everyone and also with Coach Dan, and I’m excited to continue those skills in tech company tournaments and leagues.

    Getting low for a ball versus Penn

  • Traveling to New York City, DC, Boston, and Montreal for work trips. I was fortunate to travel to San Francisco from New York three times for work this summer, but that was to a place I knew. I liked traveling to events, mentoring, and giving demos during the school year in new places so I could explore more. I’m already applying to speak at conferences and events next year, and plan on visiting Bryn Mawr if I’m ever in the area.

    Demoing Twilio at Wellesley Hack

  • Winning my first hackathon prize at Y-Hack and seeing high school friends there. I was a finalist at a competition the summer before sophomore year, but I’d never actually won anything! In New Haven, I caught up with friends and won best use of the Viacom Data-Point API!
  • Going to the Eagles Parade when they won the Super Bowl. The atmosphere and community was amazing, and I know I won’t get that anywhere else.

    Me, Rachel Bruce’18, Devica Bhutani’18, Hannah Terz’18

    Celebrating in the Campus Center

  • Going to Villanova when they won March Madness. Again, it was crazy to see the spirit and excitement on Lancaster Ave.

    me, Abby, and Mariam celebrating

  • Visiting New York more often to see shows and events like Waitress, Once on this Island, and the Broadway Princess Party. It’s only two hours away, so I jumped at the chance to visit with friends, Bryn Mawr Activities, and see my work team.

    Laura Osnes (Cinderella, Grease, Bandstand, Bonnie and Clyde, etc.)

  • Thesising on a project that I loved and wanted to do (I’m still continuing work on it!) Thesis is over, it’s submitted, and I’m waiting for a grade, but that does not mean work needs to stop on the overall project. That’s one thing I like about code: you can always add on, iterate, and improve.
  • Banter Blogging! I stopped shelving in Canaday Library because I began doing contract work for my internship-turned-full-time job that involved code and travel and also had gotten the Banter Blogger position. It has been really neat to write about life on-campus, different events and activities, classes, and more. I’ve loved getting feedback from professors, classmates, and people I barely know who say they read something I wrote that resonated with them or was interesting. I’ll use some of these skills next year when I go back to blogging for the Twilio company blog!
  • Senior traditions! I loved Bedtime Stories and Senior Strut at the end of Hell Week, May Day’ing gifts down, ringing Taylor Bell once I finished my last assignment or final, and now Senior Week activities like a cruise, cocktails, Six Flags, a brewery tour, a trip to New York, and more.

    Story time in Pem East when I read the Giving Tree

I’m now preparing for a quick trip to Paris and the French Open, as well as a cross-country road trip depending on a tax law that could affect my work relocation stipend (if you have any recommendations, do reach out!) I hope to see classmates and friends across the country.


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